Plugins are a type of extension, and thousands of them are currently available for Joomla integration. These plugins can improve your site security and help you make design and other updates. This article reviews the five best Joomla plugins.

Akeeba Backup

Professional and novice web developers alike realize the importance of making regular site backups. In part, this is due to security. Changes can cause a site irreparable damage, and a website owner needs a fast remedy if something has affected his or her site adversely.

Akeeba Backup plugin offer two options to developers: a partial backup of the database and files and a full site backup. The developer or owner decides how often to create backups.

The Akeeba Backup plugin is useful for tracking website changes over time, launching site design updates or new sites, and repairing websites after human error, a takedown, or a security breach.


Community Builder (or just Builder) makes it not only possible, but very easy for site owners and/or developers to make membership sites and manage member profiles, registration forms, and other key aspects. Why is this important? Selling physical goods is not the only way to make money through a website. Digital products are just as, if not more valuable to clients and offer businesses huge returns on their investments.

If you’re selling software, e-books, white papers, WordPress tools, or other digital products, your users will appreciate an easy way to get memberships. Community Builder is an indispensable tool to this end.

Admin Tools Core

This plugin offers admin directories password protection, notifies site owners about new Joomla releases, fixes directory and file permissions, changes database prefixes, performs database maintenance, and migrates links if they lead to domains that aren’t current. It’s also very user-friendly and completely free.


Our fourth choice, the eShop, is among the top-rated e-commerce Joomla plugins, giving programmers an easy way to set up and manage online shops. It features a myriad of modules to add payment gateways, create products, customize shipping options, and other features.

E-commerce has been the most popular means of shopping for some years, and is becoming even more because consumers’ trust in it is growing faster than ever. This is why eShop is a crucial plugin to have.


Some web developers feel they don’t need plugin JCE because most of their tasks involve coding. However, content writers and site administrators often find default text editors lacking in terms of flexibility and ease of use. JCE makes it easy to create and manage content.

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