If you want to know what is the best web hosting company for your Joomla website, then you will be surprised by how many options there are. Rather than put up with one option you’re not happy with, the sky’s the limit for website hosting solutions.

Joomla is a content management system which aids you in publishing your web content. It’s particularly helpful for businesses with several products to profile and sell too. However, it requires a high-quality web hosting company that may take some time to source. We’ve included some of the best options for you below.



If you’re don’t mind spending a little more money for quality when it comes to a web hosting company for your Joomla website, Green Geeks is the answer. At only $9.95 per month, you can receive free domain names as well as unlimited web space, domains, email, and MySQL databases.

However, the benefits don’t end there. You benefit from free SEO tools, free data backup, and a 30-day money-back guarantee as well. If you need to get the online store you built with Joomla online fast, Green Geek will be a top choice.



If you’re looking for the best value for money and website hosting solutions, then you will be exceptionally impressed by what SiteGround.com has to offer. Experts rate it as one of the best web hosting companies for your Joomla website, while also being affordable too.

When you sign up to SiteGround, you only have to pay $3.95 per month. What’s more, you have 30 days to decide whether it’s right for you, while benefiting from a new or transferred domain and up to 30GB of disk space.

SiteGround is also the official Joomla project partner while offering free Joomla site transfer with only one click of your mouse. The speed and security of this web hosting company are also spectacular so why not check it out today?



While more expensive than other website hosting solutions on the market such as Green Geek, you will find that InMotionHosting is still an excellent web hosting company for your Joomla website. While you pay $3.99 per month, you can add over 300 apps to your pages, customize with coding or drag and drop features, and benefit from $250 in ad credits.

What’s more, all your data backups are free, SSL is free, and the quality SSDs mean that the pages on your store load fast too. You have a 90-day money-back guarantee when you first start, you have unlimited disk space, and your domain name is free for a year.



With a reasonable price tag of $2.95 per month, HostPapa.com will become your go-to web hosting company for your Joomla website in no time. You can benefit from free email accounts, a free domain forever, and 100GB of space. Or, you can upgrade to unlimited disk space too.

What sets HostPapa apart from other website hosting solutions such as Green Geek is the security and support. You have access to top-of-the-line security features, as well as Cloudflare CDN, and support via chat, phone, or email. What’s more, it takes only one click to install Joomla and get your website online and ready to roll.

There are several different web hosting companies for Joomla websites, but very few offers as many perks and benefits as these four above. Take the time to research every one of them. You are sure to find it’s harder to decide than you ever thought possible. Whichever option you choose, however, you are bound to be impressed with the selection of features to make your life easier.